Temporary relief from certain compliance requirements

The Government has agreed – subject to Parliament passing the necessary legislation – to reinstate the temporary compliance relief measures contained in the COVID-19 Response (Requirements For Entities—Modifications and Exemptions) Act 2020, which expired earlier this year.

The COVID-19 Response (Management Measures) Legislation Bill, now under consideration by Parliament, would implement relief measures enabling entities:

  • to perform certain functions electronically – including holding meetings, signing documents, and voting on certain matters – even if their constitutions or rules do not provide for it
  • to more easily modify certain requirements or restrictions in their constitution or rules, for example, to defer reporting, or to waive members’ fees.

We’ll update our website pages as more information becomes available.

You can check on the progress of the bill on the Parliament website .

Read the COVID-19 Response (Management Measures) Legislation Bill – Schedule 4.

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Compliance relief for entities reinstated
Published 3 November 2021

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